A beautiful vintage glass vase for lovers of simple forms. Suitable for interiors, the owners of which tend to minimalism. This sweet little vase makes for the perfect addition to your Cha Xi.


Chabana is a generic term for the arrangement of flowers put together for display in a tea ceremony. In Japan, there is a certain stylistic category of Kado, the "Way of Flowers," specifically related to tea. This way developed out of Ikebana, which had its origin in early Buddhist flower offerings. One of the common traits we find in Japanese aesthetics is a celebration of the minute, the miniature. This vase lend a perfect accent to the tea ceremony.



- Top diameter: 1,6" (4cm)
- Base diameter: 1,6" (4cm)
- Height: 5,7" (14,5cm)

Material: glass
Country of origin: Czech Republic

Tou Mei Vintage Vase