Gorgeous ceramic vase with mesmerising beauty marks from the flame. Beautiful in itself and especially with flowers. Perfect for elegant branches, live flowers or dry flowers, or even succulents. A great addition to any room of the house, but especially for the tea room.


Throughout history, bamboo has inspired many artists. A large number of artworks were related to the bamboo theme, including poems, paintings, and music. There are many legends and stories related to bamboo.


The empty cavity of the bamboo stem is associated with emptiness – one of the main concepts of Buddhism, Zen and Taoism. The stem, constantly striving upward, is associated with eternal love, spiritual growth, and the striving for the full unfolding of potential.



2,4 in / 6 cm diameter
9 in / 23 cm tall


This piece was handmade in a single copy by ceramic artist Raneta Coolakova and fired in a wood kiln by Petr Novak.

Material: stoneware clay, glaze

Petrified Bamboo Vase

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