This bag is perfect for the one/two bowls or chawan or medium-size teapot, like 300-400 ml side handle or any pot 200-400 ml. Have 3 layers of soft gasket inside for better protection of teaware. 

Made out of the pure linen - a textile made from the fibers of the flax plant. Linen yarn usually has slubs, or small, soft, irregular lumps, which occur randomly along its length. Slubs are considered as part of the aesthetic appeal of a natural product.


Size of the bag approximately 15 x 15 x 7 cm / 6 x 6 x 3 in


Linen, 3 types of filling, recycled cotton string. 

Linen Bag

  • Keeping it limited

    Number of bags was made: 20


    Care for teaware is a small online company, so everything is made in the incredibly limited runs. That means that any piece you buy here you are not going to see all over the places, only a few other people in the world might own one.