Gorgeous chabu with the koi fishes and lotuses on one side and a pale grey-green cloth on the other. Almost 3 meters/111 in long this chabu will be great for big gatherings or big long tables. 


Koi fish have a very long history in Chinese and Japanese culture, and most of the meaning and symbolism behind this fish stems from their ancient legends.


In nature, Koi fish shows immense strength and courage through its ability to swim miles upstream. According to Chinese and Japanese mythology, there was once a giant school of thousands of koi fish swimming up the Yellow River in China. The strongest fish persevered against the river's flow until they reached a mighty waterfall. For a hundred years, the bravest of these fish tried to leap over the falls until at last one succeeded. To reward this dedicated koi, the gods turned it into a beautiful golden dragon. This waterfall became known as the ‘Dragon's Gate’.




The lotus and koi have similarities in their transformation. The lotus flower grows out of the mud to become a beautiful flower. Together, lotus and koi fish represent growth and overcoming struggles.




The qualities and characteristics of koi fish have also made it a popular Buddhist symbol. It could be said that humans must navigate the treacherous waters of suffering just as koi persistently fight their way against difficult currents. It is the mission of the Bodhisattva to remain focused on the goal of Enlightenment despite turbulent waters all around. The Buddha Nature is always there, and koi inspire us in their ability to stay focused and succeed with grace and style. Koi fish embody a quiet beauty and mystery that’s both peaceful and intriguing. 






Having two sides allows you to be flexible and creative in your chaxi design. Simple colors let you add more elements to your chaxi and create different themes while stronger patterns become the center of the chaxi itself. This chabu gives you the best of both worlds! 




Size 111 x 13 in // 280 x 33 cm




Side A as on photos.


Side B green-grey with a floral pattern.


Fabric produced in Europe.


  • Upkeep

    A chabu/runner is the foundation of your tea stage. Please be sure to iron it before using for the best results. Old school I know, but necessary.


    Please, hand wash.

  • Keeping it limited

    Number of chabu was made: 2


    Care for teaware is a small online company, so everything is made in incredibly limited runs. That means that any piece you buy here you are not going to see all over the places, only a few other people in the world might own one.