Tiny jute chabu is the perfect mix of natural fibers with a golden enticing hue, lending a unique blend of raw style and texture to any tea space.


The jute fiber comes from the stem of the jute plant. It is a rain-fed crop with little need for fertilizer or pesticides. Jute is environment-friendly fiber starting from the seed to expired fiber, as the expired fibers can be recycled more than once.


Size 15 x 11 in // 38 x 27 cm.

Side A and B as on photos, 100% jute threads.


  • Upkeep

    A cloth is the foundation of your tea stage. Please, be sure to iron it before using for the best results.


    Please, hand wash only.

  • Keeping it limited

    Number of chabu was made: 5

    Care for teaware is a small online company, so everything is made in incredibly limited runs. That means that any piece you buy here you are not going to see all over the places, only a few other people in the world might own one.