Thick cotton chabu, woven from threads of 2 colors. The ribbon will help you to create a color accent on the teapot or bowls. I have two colors - a delicate beige and a more contrasty - the color of green tea.


Size: 40 x 6 in // 102 x 15 cm.

100% cotton.

Side A and B are the same, as on photos.


Tea cloths or tea runners are called chabu. When you choose a chabu it will quite literally lay the foundation for your tea ceremony as upon it all other elements will find their place. It will often be one of the first elements we look to. It will play a huge role in determining whether your ch​axi will be rustic or elegant, simple or refined.

Futatsu Ribbon

Please choose colour
  • Upkeep

    A cloth is the foundation of your tea stage. Please, be sure to iron it before using it for the best results. Nevertheless, due to the peculiarities of weaving, the chabu almost does not crumple if you roll it up for storage and when traveling. Very convenient for outdoor tea ceremony!

    Please, hand wash only.