Big sidehandle teapot, sandy stoneware with gentle and beautiful firemarks from local reduction created during the woddfiring process. Teapot is fully handmade from Czech local clay mixture, started on potters wheel, finished using hand building techniques and woodfired for eighteen hours up to 1320°C. Made by Czech teaware atrist Petr Novak @potsandtea


The right choice for ceremonial settings where it can serve comfortably 5-8 bowls.


Size: 640ml


Teapot goes with a bag that was created specially for a big side handle teapot (10 person teapot size). Has 3 types of soft gaskets inside to protect body and handle of a teapot. Created in such a way that fit with almost all shapes of handle (plain or curved wooden handles and from clay).
Have 2 alternative ways to keep lid safe and protected, both are included:
- piece of white cotton cloth you put in between body and lid of the teapot
- padded pocket for a lid.

Big Sidehandle Teapot In A Travel Bag