Dainty flower vases with fire marks from wood firing made by Czech ceramist Jiří Lang who focusing in his studio on woodfired ceramic for over a decade, creating mostly teaware and beautiful vases.


Grey сeramic flower vase hand made on a pottery wheel from local stoneware clay, woodfired over 1300°C. Both inside and outside glazed in natural ash glaze called "Nuka". Nuka is a traditional Japanese glaze originally made from rice husk ash. The recipe for this Nuka was adapted to local materials, using wood ash, local minerals, and river stones.


Brown-beige flower vase is made from porcelain and woodfired over 1300°C. Have dots and marks from the fire. 



ø neck 0.8 in / 2 cm,

ø body 4 in / 10 cm

height 6.3 in / 16 cm


Country of origin: Czech Republic

Sugina Vases

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