This incense burner is handcrafted with stoneware clay. The sides are carved with alchemical symbols of the Four basic elements: Air, Earth, Fire and Water. At the top is a symbol of all the elements together.

🜁 Air 

🜃 Earth  

🜂 Fire

🜄 Water


The inside and outside is coated in the glaze to add durability and protection.


To use: the base is specially created with sides and can be used for powdered incense: place the ash in the center and use it with your favorite powdered incense.

Or simply place your lit incense spiral or cone of choice on the base plate, then cover with the flower. It is normal for the inside to become discolored from the smoke. 




Base  3.2in / 8.5cm wide and 3.2in / 8.5cm tall

Cube  2in / 5.5cm side

Alchemy Smoker