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Must-visit tea places in Prague

🍃 A friend from Hong Kong just landed in Prague and asked me about tea places I can recommend. There are a lot of interesting tea spots in the Czech Republic, so here is my top 3:

🍃 Meetea - an oasis of tranquility in the heart of Prague. A rare form of work these days is one large table where guests sit and communicate with the tea master and with each other. Once it was a traditional form of tea sharing - all together in one space, it's great to find this in the modern world.

Located next to the old city center:

Školská 32, Praha 1

🍃 Tea mountain - these guys used to be a lovely teahouse and it was nice to sit there! During the pandemic, they become a tea store but now they seem to be open to visitors again. They have a cool architectural project - one part of the space is light, one is dark and there is a golden stripe in the middle.

Located in one of the nicest not very touristic districs Karlín:

Křižíkova 488, Praha 8

🍃 Klasek Tea - unique selection of teas from small farmers of Nepal, Darjeeling, Ceylon, South Korea. And impressive collection of Czech ceramic artists as well. In the photo, the owner Dan Klasek shows an ancient method of weighing tea in Darjeeling - tea on one side of the scale, a gold coin on the other.

Located in quiet district Holešovice:

Přístavní 1246/39, 170 00 Praha 7

Have you ever been to Prague?

What are your favorite tea places here?

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