Hi, I'm Raneta - a tea artist from the Siberian Taiga forest. I’ve lived in Czechia in Europe for the past 3 years, having quite a nomadic lifestyle before that. 


I met tea just over 16 years ago and fell in love instantly, as many of us do. Having the soul of an artist and the hands of an inventor, my mind and heart were always in search of elegant and practical solutions to various tea questions. For last decade, creating beautiful objects for the tea ceremony has become my full-time job. I founded Care for teaware in 2013. Since then I have had the privilege of making and selling my work, meeting some incredible tea people and working with some truly wonderful tea masters and tea houses.

In recent years I have been mastering ceramics and working with clay, and the feeling of limitless possibilities for creativity only intensified. And the amount of work tasks too.

I am so grateful to be able to do what I do and to be in the position where I can make a living as an artist. It means everything to me, and you all are the reason I can do it. For me, it’s a deeply personal and emotional craft. Because what I bring to the world is not that much material objects, but the values and meanings that stand behind them.

I'm glad that you are here!



Actually, you are my main inspiration.

I create goods for tea people, who explore, love to share and are not afraid to go beyond, to accompany them wherever they go.

I used to serve tea around the globe and always carry my teapots, kettles, and bowls. I know how precious teapots can be. And how fragile! Handmade teaware often exists in a single copy, and even if you manage to get a second similar item from the creator, it will be different. I cherish teaware, want you to use it for many years and later pass it on to the next generations of tea people. 

That's why I'm creating a convenient, sustainable, reliable system to protect all fragile tea things. So all tea travelers around the world, could travel with tea, share it with friends, discover new worlds and be sure that their teapots are safe and sound. 


I constantly work to be more and more transparent. Every fabric piece (chabu or bag) is created from fairly produced local fabrics. Every ceramic piece is designed by European artist and carefully chosen directly from creator.


I do not create overproduction, I believe in responsible consumption and buying quality products for years to come. You will not find plastic bubble wrap in packages from Care for teaware, and the paper box in which I send your tea treasures is often recycled. Many of the fabrics that I use are natural and organic or made of recycled materials.


Sounds nice? And this is just the beginning.

Thanks to an attention to the highest quality you can find our pieces in

Sunday, Berlin


Klasek Tea, Prague





and 400+ tea rooms, tea homes, tea corners in more than 30 countries.